Diploma Courses

Diploma Programs

1. Diploma Programs

a) Diploma In Theology

b) Diploma in Biblical Studies

c) Diploma in Church History

d) Diploma in Ministry

e) Diploma in Biblical Information and Technology

f) Diploma in Pastoral Education

g) Diploma in Early Child Education and Evangelism

Course Contents and Descriptions for all Diploma Programs:

Diploma In Biblical Studies:

BS102 New Testament Survey

BS101 Old Testament Survey

BS107 Gospel (Matthew, Luke, Mark or John)

BS103 Romans and Galatians

BS104 The Pentateuch

BS106 Biblical Communication

BS110 Personal Ministry

Diploma In Theology:

Th201 Theology I (Bible, God, Man and Sin)

Th202 Theology II (Christ, Salvation and the Holy Spirit)

Th204 Ecclesiology and Church Sacraments

Th209 Doctrine of Islam

Th206 The Pentateuch

Th205 Biblical Communication

Th203 Theology of Faith

Th210 Personal Ministry

Diploma in Pastoral Education and Leadership

PL302 Pastoral Theology and Ministries

PL307 Christian Foundation, Basic Reading and Writing

PL301 Biblical Leadership and Management

PL304 Education Ministries of the Church

PL305 Biblical Communication and Homiletics

PL306 Principles and Practice of Discipleship

PL303 The Pentateuch

PL308 Pastoral Psychology and Counselling

PL310 Personal Ministry

Diploma In Church History/Missions:

HM401 History of Christianity

HM402 Theology of Mission

HM406 Intertestamental Theology

HM408 Denominational Theology

HM403 Dispensational Studies

HM407 Biblical Communication

HM409 Basic Reading and Writing

HM411 Personal Ministry

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