Doctorate Courses

Doctorate Programs

 Theology

 Christianity and Entrepreneurship

 Early Childhood Education and Evangelization

 Christian Education and Management

 Church Administration and Management

 Leadership and Management

 Restoration Theology

 Christianity, Religious Crimes and Conflict Resolution etc.


1. Theology DTh

a. Systematic Theology

b. Liberal Theology

c. Restoration Theology

d. Intertestamental Theology

e. Historical Theology

f. Pastoral Education and Theology

g. Biographic Theology

h. Biblical Geography etc.

2. Christianity and Philosophy Ph.D

a. Christian Education

b. Church Management and Leadership

c. Demographic Studies

d. Christianity and Global Politics

e. Biblical Economics and Finance

f. Christianity and Entrepreneurship

g. Christianity and International Business

h. Christianity and Democratic Studies

i. Christianity, Human Rights and Peace Studies

j. Religious Crimes and Conflict Management

k. Church Administration and Management

l. Biblical Information and Technology

m. Early Childhood Education and Evangelism

n. Foreign Missions and Diplomacy

o. Pastoral Psychology

p. Ecclesiastical/Canon Law

q. Religious Public and Policy Management etc.

3. Religious Education (DRE)

a. Child Evangelism and Psychology

b. Inter-religious Relationship Management

c. Religious Crimes and Conflict Management

d. Christian Education and Curriculum Development

e. Christian Education Inspection and Supervision

f. Church History and Government

As a result of development and global issues, we develop curriculum on any special area you may want to specialize. Christianity should no longer be limited to the altar; in our studies or curriculum, we investigate the ways social issues affect the church and what the church ought to do in any situation. Terrorism is now a problem to the church, we ensure, by our curriculum that the church is well equipped in knowledge to withstand the strategies of the wicked. We will not always be the one to run, the church should stand against the evil day. Knowledge is sourced from the Kingdom, and we are closest to this Kingdom, thus, Levites Christian University, teaches the whole counsels of God to ensure the Body of Christ is perfected, edified, and for the work of the ministry.

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