Research Innovation

Levites Christian Universityis poised to drive the Vision of a Christian Institution of higher learning in Africa from the theological research and innovation platform. The division is headed by a Research Superintendent who doubles as a Minister of Christ. The division has the University’s mandate to formulate policies, review and recommend research proposals, monitor, evaluate and assess the research outputs and activities of the university and their funding.

This division evaluates research findings submitted for patent and copyright applications before filing with the respective organs and make recommendations to the President. The research committee recommends to the President on contemporary investigations that are relevant to the Christian communities and environments. The Committee, in addition, makes available to faculty external research grant opportunities and offer assistance in developing research proposals. The division is responsiblefor projection of the image of the University from the research platform and secure partnership from Christian institutions, Churches, industries and non-governmental agencies.

The Research Superintendent has the mandate of the university to organize the division in such a way that

1. The intellectual property and technology transfer,

2. The marketable component, and

3. The research square unit (that develope a framework for the incubation and creation of outdoor community for thought provoking innovation).

Facilitates the process of patenting, and packaging the entire process of product development and making sure that the Christian and/or religious organizations benefit from the services of this division. The University has a policy on research and marketability that governs the operation of the Unit. The Research Square is to develop a framework for products development and create an outdoor research community for thought provoking findings.

The University, as part of its policy on interdisciplinary research for effective utilization of research findings, has established some colleges that receive annual funding for theological/Christian enquiries or activities. These colleges embraces: Christianity in Africa, Christianity and Entrepreneurship, Biblical Communication and Information Technology, Peace and Conflict Management, Foreign Missions and Evangelism, Religious Diplomacy, etc.

The University, through this division, is driving earnestly one of its core values, which is human capital development for the church. Realizing the role played by the ministerial staff of the University, training schemes have been developed to enhance the capacity of this group of workers. Many of them are already enjoying sponsorship to attend training sessions both nationally and internationally. The University has embraced this idea of developing the human capital base of the ministrybecause of the evolving trends of new technologies. We just have to keep abreast with global trends.