LCU History

- LEVITES Christian University was incorporated on the 20th day of December, 1994 and began operation the same year as a private religious institution whose graduates are solely for church consumption. Today the university is one of the leading religious institutions with strong offerings in the training and development of pastors and other levels of church ministers and workers. We presently maintain a strategic partnership with all churches irrespective of their denomination, persuasions, and with some international religious institutions.

- Levites Christian University is one of the first Nigerian Religious Institutions to register with the Federal Government of Nigeria as a Christian University wholly and solely devoted for the training and development of human resources for church consumption. We do not offer courses for secular or industrial consumption.

- The university is a leading Christian educational institution respected for its excellent and exciting innovations in providing value-adding solutions to church educational needs. Over the years, the ministry has leveraged on its underlying resilience to grow its assets base, and to successfully retain our key ministerial relationships.

- Levites and its allied ministries strive to provide an exceptional church education experience with technology and human capital to exceed the expectations of the Christian community. We are strategically focused on growing the work force for the church by providing a wide range of unmatched convenience in our courses and services.

- Our membership education unit, we provide innovative services and solutions for empowering church members and workers at their different levels of faith to take responsibilities in the development and growth of the Church of Christ.

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