The Institute of Christian Education and Management Inc.

Short Courses

ICEM short courses run for either One Week (evenings or weekends), Mondays-Fridays or for OneMonth in the evenings or weekends), Mondays-Fridays. During the last few years, many Christian leaders have been trained across the nation in the following areas:

 Peace Conflict Resolution,

 Development Management Studies

 Managing Church Finances

 Business Planning and Proposal Writing for SMEs

 Church Public Relations Management;

 Public Speaking;

 Local Church and Community Relations.

 Church Administration and Management

 Church Leadership Development Studies

 Gender Studies

 The Church and Entrepreneurial Studies

 Sunday School Administration

 Evangelism and Communication Studiesetc

Professional Certificate Programs

The following certificate programs are developed and introduced with effect from January 2016 with the approval by the University Board:

Certificate in Pastoral Ministry;

Certificate in Peace and Conflict Resolution

Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Community Development

Certificate in Church Office Management

Certificate in Child Education and Evangelism

Certificate in Church Information Technology Management

Certificate in Computer Graphics and Digital Marketing

Certificate in Youth Ministry

Certificate in Christian Information Technology and Intelligence etc.

Specially requested courses are developed for any organization with such special need at either Certificate or Diploma Level.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants for any of the ICEM Professional programs must be adults with ministry or work experience of at least one year and supported by a written CV. They should also have successfully completed their secondary school education. A limited number of students may be considered for admission on age and experience. Such students must demonstrate their ability to express themselves in both written and spoken English language through a written examination and/or an interview administered by ICEM.

In addition to academic qualifications, all applicants must meet any other requirements for admission set by the University. Applications shall be processed through ICEM in conjunction with the Registrar’s office.

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