Masters Courses

Masters Programs

Master of Arts/Master of Theology:

1. Liberal Theology

1. Theology

a. Liberal Theology

b. Restoration Theology

c. Intertestamental Theology

d. Pastoral Education and Theology

e. Ecclesiastical Theology

f. Systematic Theology

g. Christianity and Religious Politics

2. Master of Christian Education

3. Master of Divinity

4. Master of Biblical. Studies

5. Master of Religious Diplomacy

6. Master of Denominational Studies

7. Master of Church Administration and Management

8. Master of Biblical Information and Technology

9. Master of Early Child Education and Evangelism

The Master of Arts/Theology programs provide Christ-centered graduate level education to prepare servant leaders for ministry by integrating a strong foundation in Christian Theology addition to a broad of each of the areas the student want to specialize.

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