Why Levites Christian University?


1. Spirit-filled and Skilled Instructors Offering Comprehensive Knowledge At LEVITES, you’ll learn from instructors with real-ministry experience in the fields they teach. They’ll share accumulated knowledge and offer relevant, meaningful support as you focus on your future and make plans to serve God through the Church.

2. Real Spirit-filled Programs LEVITES structures its programs and course contents to be practical and applicable in today's real world. Emphasis is on the development of skills and accrual of knowledge that will be helpful in the pursuit of your desired professional field.

3. An Empirical Approach to Church Education We believe that in order to be meaningful in the real world, education must be practical in its delivery. That’s why LEVITES emphasizes students’ understanding of the knowledge, skills and experiences that will be expected of them as working professionals in their desired fields.

4. The Blended Learning Option At Levites, we understand that many students have challenging schedules and real-world responsibilities like jobs, families and social obligations. That's why we offer students the option to conveniently combine work and classes online. This “blended learning” option opens up a world of new possibilities to students wishing to begin, continue or advance their current knowledge, skills and credentials with Church-current program.

5. Programs in Selling Vocations As the job market evolves, LEVITES will continue to develop curricula in the most in-demand areas of Church Education, Theology and Information Technology for the benefit of the Church of God.

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